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Paranormal Soup

​Hosted by Jason Bland

​Bringing the weird every Sunday night!​

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Paranormal Soup ​Bringing the weird!
Paranormal Soup is a live Webcast every Sunday night
8pm-11pm PT 10pm-1am CT 11pm-2am ET live on Facebook and YouTube

Hosted by paranormal investigator Jason Bland with his Paranormal Soup team Jamie Damelos, Rob Autrey, Jeffery Chan and Bill Perry Padera. Watch live on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel.  

Jason Bland has been a paranormal investigator since 2008 and started  doing his own Webcast in 2015 called Paranormal Soup. His vision was to have a show that gave an open forum to people who have expierenced the unexplained and those who have evidence of the paranormal. Paranormal Soup has had guest ranging from topics of ghosts, aliens, bigfoot, near death expierences, demonic posession, and anything that defys the normal preceptions of reality.  Jason also had a passion for doing live paranormal experiments and found like minded investigators Jamie Damelos, Rob Autrey, and Bill Perry Padera to join him for ITC ( Instrumental Trans Communication) or live spirit box sessions where the audience can call into the show to see if the spirits will talk to them. Paranormal Soup has had some the greatest innovators in the ITC field on the show for these live spirit box sessions and callers have gotten validation from the other side from the voices speaking through the devices the Paranormal Soup team and their guests use.  
One of the most popular segments of the show is the
Worldwide Web of Weird where Jason covers the latest in the weird and unusal stories going viral on the internet. Sometimes guests join in and share their unique perspectives on the Worldwide Web of Weird with Jason as he shows the audience whats new in the world of weird. 

My name is Terry Lovelace. I'm a retired lawyer and a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Vermont. I've been Jason's guest on Paranormal Soup twice. I'm also a devoted listener. I've been an invited guest on 24 programs since publishing "Incident at Devils Den, a True Story ..." Only about 1/3 of the hosts actually read my book prior to the show. Jason read it and was prepared for a discussion of the facts of my 1977 abduction. Paranormal Soup is a great show because Jason is an outstanding investigator as well as host. Irrespective of the paranormal topic Jason nails it. Lots of programs compete for attention. Jason's show is worth your time. I recommend it.

I love the enthusiasm, good nature and authentic desire of wanting to know the truth thats exudes from Jason Bland. Its always insightful, thought provoking and truly a pleasure to be a guest on Paranormal Soup. I'm a Follower too. ~ Connie [🖖] * Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis and Weekend host on Coast to Coast AM

“My favorite weekly show devoted to all things weird, strange, paranormal or just plain fascinating. Paranormal Soup always has something that will get you thinking! Trust me and check it out!!” - Steve Huff

PARANORMAL SOUP by Jason Bland & Crew ROCKS!
My name is Katrina Cooper, I am a Spiritual medium that has had the Honor to be on 3 shows starting with Episode #9,
3 Annual Halloween shows, 2 ITC collective shows. EPISODE #74 with Peanut butter and Jelly confirmation for Rody Speake .
This Show is Informative, Fun and Paraunity at its FINEST.
Katrina Cooper

"If you want to dig into a stew of ghostly goodness, be sure to tune into Paranormal Soup....deeelicious!" --Jim Harold, Host of The Paranormal Podcast and Jim Harold's Campfire Best regards, Jim Harold Jim Harold Media LLC Host, Paranormal Podcast, Jim Harold's Campfire, Jim Harold's Crime Scene & The Great TV Podcast Author, Jim Harold's Campfire: True Ghost Stories: Jim Harold's Campfire 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (All Kindle #1 Supernatural Best Sellers

World Domination Update: Jim's programs have been downloaded over 36 million times!
Jim's paranormal shows are among the Top 2% most downloaded of ALL podcasts. (Source: Libsyn, Aug/Sept 2016)


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Hear what past guests of Paranormal Soup have to say about the show!

Terry Lovelace
author of
Incident at Devils Den

Connie Willis
​Weekend host of Coast  to Coast AM

​Steve Huff

​Katrina Cooper

Jim Harold

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